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Your Adventure RX provides the ultimate transformational retreat experience for corporate business leaders and coaches. We build stronger teams through adventure and team building activities that build resilience and tap into natural leadership abilities.

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Each day we must have an immense amount of resiliency skills to perseverance. Twenty years of guiding people and adventuring in the outdoors and mountain environments have given me insight into how people adapt to fear and change. I want to help you not just survive but THRIVE and reach your peak potential.

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I’m a gypsy at heart, addicted to adventure and suffer from a severe case of wanderlust. I started exploring as a young girl traveling through the mid-West with my German parents. My journeys have led me all over the world. Now my biggest adventure is to inspire you, to adventure into areas of the unknown in your personal and professional landscape so you can bring those empowering experiences back to your everyday life. Message me and let’s get you back on the trail to a strong life again.

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Laugh Until It Hurts

The adventures I have taken with Diana have been extraordinary and challenging. She gave me the encouragement I needed to get through those challenges without judgment. She has made me feel safe and gave me a boost of confidence. Diana helped me discover abilities I never knew I had. From the moment I met her she made me feel comfortable and welcome, her smile and positivity are contagious. When you are with Diana be prepared to put your game face on, and to laugh and laugh until it hurts.”

US Veteran

An experience I’ll never forget.

I have had the joy of traveling with Diana on more than one occasion; each trip has always been full of laughter, growth, and pure fun. Diana has the ability to instantly put me at ease. She is the perfect balance of friend, cheerleader, and kick in the butt when I need it. Her trips have challenged me more than once to face activities and emotions I wanted to hide from. She never forces me to do anything, but gives me the chance to work through those tough feelings and make the decision that is best for me, all while gently pushing for me to tackle it head on and experience something new. She works hard to make sure everyone in the group feels at ease and like they belong. No two trips have been the same, but each have helped me to connect with a little piece of myself I’ve been looking for, and each trip has brought new friends to my life. Traveling with Diana is an experience I’ll never forget.

Casey J
US Veteran

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