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The older I get the less I need. I crave new experiences to be had and places to explore. This really is nothing new though. Most people that know me, understand I am OK living out of a backpack for months on end. When the time came to sell 90% of things and head out on a world tour (at the age of 43) I was elated. Oh the experiences I would have, and of course did.

I have not been one to collect things and I realized long ago that buying ‘things’ only made me happy for ashort time. Over time I have learned to buy only necessities and spend my extra cash on the next adventure. I try to live below my means and simply. What would make you happy in the long run? A big HDTV or an African Safari? Can you live without a larger TV? Personally, I don’t own a TV and haven’t pretty much ever.

Having and purchasing stuff does not make a person truly happy. Research from San Francisco State University found people felt happier overall spending money on experiences rather than spending their money on stuff. They felt their money was better spent.  Experiences last a lifetime, and can bring you happiness when you are feeling down. We all love to buy ‘stuff’ and sometimes get caught up in buying things as we feel this item might bring us happiness. It may for a short while, but then we get bored and are onto the next ‘thing’ and the vicious cycle goes.

In the long run, the experiences you have will provide you with inner happiness. The journeys you take with friends and/or family provide you memories that last you a lifetime. The new pair of pants will fade, so will the energy they have to please you. Think about the last adventure you had. What feelings do they bring up for you? Hopefully it brings you a feeling of inner peace and happiness.

What would it take to save enough money to go on a week long trip for yourself? I guess that would depend on how much money you make and what your expenses are. You would have to decide whether you need your morning latte’s from Starbucks, those new shoes, or IPhone. It really comes down to deciding what is more important to you in the long run. Even though a latte is amazing when you have one. The long term effects are that they add waistline, and a short term happiness that fades as you empty the cup.

It’s up to you, investment into your future memories can bring you long lasting happiness.

Here are a couple ways to save for the next adventure.

1. Automatic Deduction

Open a specific account dedicated to your adventure fund. Have a chunk of money automatically deducted from your account so you don’t have time to miss it.

2. Eat in versus eating out

Eating out costs more in the long run than buying a few days or weeks supply of food to cook in your home. More than likely it will be healthier adding a dual purpose of improving your overall health making you feel better to boot.

3. Spend less on your workouts

Us the outdoors versus paying for a gym membership. We all know that I am a fan of spending time in the outdoors aids in healing the mind but it can also save you money by walking, jogging or biking trails that do not cost any money to be on.

Of course if planning an adventure seems tedious to you or you don’t have anyone to go with. There is always the opportunity to go with me. This happiness director needs some ladies to play with in Moab, Utah – so join me on the desert trail in this fall. Stay tuned for some local Texas Ladies Days Out!

Peace be with you this week. Diana

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