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I listened to a podcast last week that resonated with me as it pertained to the outdoors. The gentleman mentioned that our lives today could replicate being lost in the forest. It’s important to be prepared when traveling into the backcountry to have a successful outcome. Like in life if we have a diligent game plan, trail map or goals it’s easy to stay on track.

But, what happens we when get off track or get lost in the woods so to speak. Our lives our surrounded with digital media, sights and sounds that can lead us into a life of chaos. It’s the same concept of getting lost in the forest. If you get lost in the woods the best thing to do is stop where you are. If you continue, you will waste resources and energy trying to find your way out and most likely make your situation worse. Dehydration could set in, and rescuers will not be able to find you.

When you feel lost in your life, aka, life has taken hold and you feel like you’re riding a bucking bronco, this is the time to stop. It’s counter intuitive to what we think we need to do, but continuing on a destructive path only leads to mental and physical health problems. We go, go, go until we collapse. I know, I am guilty of it myself.

How can we alleviate getting lost in the woods or in life? Plainly and basically just STOP where you are.

Are you all saying ‘what the…?’ If you’re truly lost, you might actually just wander around in circles, expending energy for nothing. Rescuers travel in a pattern and if you are wandering and they covered the area you were recently in they will not travel back nor find you. As in life though, wandering around like a chicken with your head cut off, is not the answer either.

Here are a couple tips to alleviate getting lost in the woods and in life.

  1. Stop

Take a break. Give yourself some time to reflect and think about your situation. What is it you need to do to survive and regroup? Conserve your energy. Taking yourself out of the chaos will allow your to think more clearly and rationally.

  1. Allow yourself to be rescued

Also known as asking for help. There is nothing wrong with asking for help or allowing help to come and rescue you. Sometimes this is absolutely necessary to keep ones sanity.

Don’t be afraid to stop and or ask for help in your life. Taking a weekend break can be crucial to keeping healthy mentally and physically.

Peace be with you this week. Diana

by Diana Proemm, CTRS

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