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Hallo von Deutschland!!

After a beautiful day and half in Paris, I landed in Northern Germany and got to stay and hang with my of my cousins I had not seen since I was little. I also caught up with many aunts and uncles as well. It’s been a whirlwind so far and am now currently on the train to Munich – you guessed it to stay with more cousins. Then off to the Black Forest area – for more family visits before the family reunion. Whew. All good, though and am enjoying the countryside. My German is slowly coming back and I now find myself thinking in German and realize that yes…. I’m German through and through! Ha

I feeling especially blessed to have spent the first weekend in October in the New York Catskills with some fabulous ladies. They signed on for an adventure tour of the local mountains that included hiking, horseback riding, touring, sharing, sitting fireside and laughing.

We stayed in a beautiful rustic spot nestled in the hills painted with fall colors. It lended a warming spot for us to take a break from the hustle and bustle of our lives. While the ladies quietly took in the views from the hike up Giant Ledge, the only thing you could hear was the wind in our ears.

On our hike, Marcie, lost the sole to her old boots at the beginning of the hike. As a leader, I had issues with this, but she was insistent that she continue. We made the best of it, and I taped up what she had simulating a ballerina style tape job. She made it to the top and back with no problems, as she knew that if she turned around, the whole group would turn around. It’s this kind of support that makes these experiences a success. Perseverance no matter what.

The second day some rain deterred our outdoor activities, but not the spirit. As chance would have it, Marcie lost yet another sole on her tennis shoe, stood there with her hands on her hips and said “You just can’t make this shit up!” I really almost peed my pants with laughter. It’s those moments that I treasure where laughter takes over your life and nothing else matters. Another moment I treasured was when Elaine and I scouted the trail we hiked and I heard her say “I did it and can’t wait to tell my husband!”

Cherished moments also included sitting with a cup a tea in the mornings listening to all their stories, and of course leading them up a mountain. I think the powers that be gave all ladies a smidgen of what they needed on this trip. A little magical fairy dust to brought into their lives to drive them forward.

If you want a reason to travel and tour with Bigger Picture (aka me!) this would be a good reason! The fun factor was on high and didn’t stop the whole trip.

Peace be with you this week. Diana

by Diana Proemm, CTRS

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