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Nature Rx. Giving your mind and body a healthy dose of nature is what every doctor orders, including your favorite recreation therapist. Careful though, it might alleviate stress, anxiety and depression. It can give you a break from the daily grind that leaves you feeling tired at the end of everyday.

Do you find yourself stuck in square box such as a cubicle or room with multiple digital devices sucking your energy supplies? Are you so busy you don’t know which end is up, your brain is fried and your problem solving skills are lacking?

A Nature Rx gets you out of your head and into the current moment. I highly recommend shutting your phone off and taking a high dose of it. The connection you make in the forest is far greater than the connections you’ll make on your phone. The best part is that nature is easily accessible to you, right now, today. Is the beautiful nature scene on the background of your computer the last time you saw nature?

Here are 3 simple ways to step outside to find your dose of Nature Rx.

Visit Your Local Park

When I moved to San Antonio, the first thing I did was look for the little green spots on Google maps. Those indicate the green spaces around you. The next is to explore and walk through the areas that are near you. Some might have paved or dirt trails, and most will lead you through a forest of trees. Keep your eyes and ears out for local wildlife such as birds, squirrels and beyond depending where you are.

Take a Bike Ride

You don’t have to be a pro biker to enjoy a ride. Hopping onto your bike means that you have to go outside. Pedal your way to happiness whether it’s on a trail or down the street. It’s easier than you think and may lead you to feeling like a kid again.

Go Spend a Day On The River

Flat water rivers and creeks never cease to calm every bit of me. I enjoy even just walking to and sitting alongside a river or creek. Natalie Merchant put it best in her song, Where I Go.

Well, I go to the river
To soothe my mind
To ponder over
The crazy days of my life
Watch the river flow
Ease my mind and soul
Where I go 

Let the river take it all away
The mad pace and the hurry
The troubles and the worries
Just let the river take them all away


WARNING… Side affects may include awe, contentment, and well-being. Nature has been known to provide a clear head and sense of calm.

Ask your doctor if Nature Rx is right for you. Chances are it is, Along with Your Adventure Rx.


May the Forest be with you this week! Diana


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