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I have been adventuring what seems to be my whole life. I was always poking around the next corner to explore what might be there. In the summer of 1995 I packed up and left home without a moment’s hesitation and headed west to become a ski bum. The real journey started there leading me to Alaska, abroad and all over the Western United States. My first solo trip was to Nepal and I literally bought my tickets two weeks before departing, got necessary shots, buying a lonely planet book, hopped on the plane and hoped for the best. Innocence can be blissful!

Prayer Flags, Himalayas, Nepal


I didn’t know a thing about traveling to a third world country except what a few friends had told me about. I was in my mid-twenties and found that traveling the world was the best education you can give yourself. I learned to trust my intuition, and become resilient when faced with

Nepalese guide

the unknown. I met travelers from all over the world, learned about different religions, and foreign cultures. I learned how to depend on myself, and TRUST in others. I also learned that when you give them money to what seems like a shady person claiming to be a ‘tour company in Thailand’ your bus will show up at the scheduled time and place. Traveling solo in the late 90’s was still rather unheard of, especially as a woman and I immersed myself in it. I traveled for 6 months straight spending seven weeks in Nepal, four weeks in Thailand, and three months in New Zealand.

Many people have asked me “Weren’t you scared?!” My reply was and still is, “If I let fear stop me, I wouldn’t do anything.” And I chose to believe in the good in people. There were so many times where the locals took me in and made sure I was cared for and safe. Call it good karma, good judgement, or blind innocence but those experiences from 20 years ago stick with me today. These were amazing adventures and I truly feel I grew
tremendously during this time. I have since traveled to many more places in the world, and have been blessed with safe travels and adventures.

Our desire is to guide you on your next adventure. Your Adventure Rx trips are designed for the beginner in mind, but can challenge any badass woman out there. We want ladies who want to discover new places and re-discover the outdoors and by taking a step out of their daily routine. There are so many pressures put on us women these days from motherhood, being a provider, leader and list goes on. This is your chance to take a break from the TV, the phone, the kids, the family, the job and do something for yourself for a few days. You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded women who want to better themselves, and move forward in their ventures.

“The adventures I have taken with Diana have been extraordinary and challenging she gave me the encouragement and patience I needed to get through those challenges without judgment. She made me feel safe and gave me a boost of confidence. Diana helped me discover abilities I never knew I had. From the moment I met her she made me feel comfortable and welcome. Her smile and positive attitude is contagious. When you are with Diana be prepared to put your game face on, and to laugh until it hurts.” Christina

Your Adventure Rx provides well-designed tours that connect women that want to gently challenge their comfort zones by creating authentic, unforgettable outdoor adventure travel experiences. Your Adventure Rx will lead the outdoor travel industry through innovation by offering non-motorized activities celebrating human power in the natural environment. With our guests as our focus, our experienced and friendly staff will build a reputation of quality through safe practices and excellent customer care.

“If I let fear stop me, I wouldn’t do anything.” Diana Proemm

Why Your Adventure Rx?
It’s hard to be a woman today, especially a successful professional woman. We’ve made progress – tremendous progress if you ask our grandmothers – but we still have to work harder, be error-free, and put up with more criticism than the men we work with. We are told every day how to look, how to act, how to behave, what’s attractive and what’s too far. Is it any wonder so many of us keep silent screams bottled up inside? We deserve an outlet, a safe space to let all the control go. We need time to be our best selves…powerful…wild…free. We need time to celebrate our successes, lay down the stress, and renew ourselves. And what better place to do it than surrounded by women who feel exactly the same way, in some of the most beautiful places on earth?

Ladies, if you thought you couldn’t do it, think again. If you hang out with us for too long you’ll start believing in yourself and leave knowing you can accomplish anything. 

Next trip departs for Boerne Lake, Texas May 20th, 2018 or Yellowstone National Park on July18th, 2018.

Smiles from your favorite adventuress! Diana


Your Adventure Rx prescribes PREMIER OUTDOOR ADVENTURE experiences FOR WOMEN. If you’re ready to travel the world with amazing ladies and have the trip of a lifetime, then join us because YOU DESERVE IT! Sign Up Now!

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Montana Magic and Yellowstone National Park: July 18th-22nd, 2018 (8 spots avail)



Wild Women Westie with your Bestie – San Juan Islands, Washington: Fall 2018



Join us for our Fall Retreat in Southern Vermont with six figure coach Jennifer Dawn: October 11-14, 2018  (7 spots avail)