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These days, I have been diligently working on building this adventure business and attempting to sneak in some leisure time. Trying to work full-time, work on the biz and follow my own advice and provide some down time for myself has been tricky. I cannot imagine throwing a family and kids into the mix. Mother’s tell me how you do it?

I am not the youngest, oldest nor the first ever person to be attempting something like this. Just an ordinary gal trying to make her way through life, building a dream. Some days it can be a battle to get up, go to work, give it my all, then come home and sit on the computer and keep the creativity going til wee hours of the night. I’m 100% on board to making it happen though. I do give myself some slack time, but there are days I feel guilty when I haven’t done that one thing to move the business or my life forward. Do any of you feel this way?

Do you dream of doing that one thing, that will make you happy, or say “I’m going to do that tomorrow” and never get it done? Do you say things like “I’m too slow, fat, big, not smart enough, not good enough….”  Why do we do this to ourselves? I have done it, thought it, been there, done it. WTF ladies, why do we do this to ourselves??? What in our psyche allows us to do this to ourselves? We gotta stop.

If I allow those negative thoughts in, I am done. I’m pushed around by the whitewater of life, I cannot stand up in a room full of people and be successful. Mitigating your negative thoughts is a daily challenge. Confidence comes and goes based on the day in my world but I keep seeking it. I went for a mountain bike ride, and didn’t have it in me to blaze through the things I normally don’t even think about but I didn’t let those negative thoughts in or get down on myself, I simply rode. Sometimes it is okay to just do.

Adventuresses, it’s time to stop letting those negative thoughts win. It’s time to shine, to challenge yourself. Here is this week’s challenge. Spend your week listening to your thoughts. What are you saying to yourself all day long? I always try to put a positive spin on those thoughts. No matter what, keep moving ahead.

When you find yourself saying something negative, change it around to something like: “I can do this!” “I am good at this, no worries.” “I will find a way.” Pay attention to how your whole being settles into these comments versus the negative ones. My hope is that you find yourself feeling more free and moving with confidence. Let me know how goes. Email me or comment below.

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Smiles from your favorite adventuress! Diana

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