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You are an adventurer for life. Let’s continue on our mountain hike up to the peak of your own mountain learning new concepts along the trail bringing you to a better state of mental and physical health, and developing your resilience.

If you ever feel like you have gotten off track and are lost in the forest, now is the time to look north. In your personal life, this may look like you are wandering down a self destructive path. When you get lost in the forest there are many things that can go
wrong, but there are many things you can do to make it right.

In the woods, it’s best not to continue walking if you don’t know where you are headed for many reasons. You will become fatigued as you’re wasting your resources most likely, you will become even more lost. If you want to be found you need to stay in one place so search and rescue can find you and assist you back to the right path. This may be counter intuitive but waiting and looking for help is sometimes your best option. This means that you have to be aware of the circumstances that are out of your control and
take control of what you can. This is hard for most people.

So, how do you find our true north or the right path in the forest when you get lost and
lose our way?

In your backpack (or your gut) lies our compass that will always lead you to true north. Think about when your life feels completely aligned. Deep down only you know what makes you happy (family, friends, travel, job, etc.). Your compass is set. Your life should
be traveling on a path guided by your values. Mother Nature can challenge you along your path if you’re not careful just like life will toss you curve balls. Your ability to handle them in stride is the difference. As an adventurer you must constantly seek the path to
true north.

Here is an activity to help you find your true north, and your path to freedom from social stressors, and beyond. It can be used as your guide or trail map to keep you on the trail and help you make necessary decisions.

Take a moment and write down your values. Place your list where you can be seen it often. READ THIS ARTICLE for an excellent “how to” find your one bigger picture or purpose.

“Think of it as a tree: values are our roots that keep us grounded in what’s important to
us. The strength of the values determines the strength of the trunk, branches, leaves
and fruit from year to year. A strong tree supports the ecosystem around it.”
By Anne Loehr

Your Adventure Rx is to:
1. Focus on today.
2. Adjust your course to move closer to that value or goal.
3. Start letting your decisions be guided by the values you develop and your gut

Remember to check in on your values daily and ask yourself if you are following what feels right to you. Are you aligning with your values and following your path to true north? Continue to take time by starting now to focus on yourself and your values
without guilt. In order to better yourself you must take a moment and realign yourself with what is important to you.

Finding your true north should be like finding medicine to aid in your path to personal transformation, health and well being. This process should continue and be adjusted daily, weekly and yearly. If you follow your gut, heart, or your path to true north, it will
become a natural feeling and you’ll know instinctively when you’re on or off the path. Your Adventure Rx prescribes trail and adventure prescriptions for better mental, social and physical health.