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As we move into the holiday season, the first thing that comes to mind is family. Where are they, and how are they doing. I have always worked in the ski industry since I left home, so my holidays are typically spent on the slopes working. Next month (Dec. 10th), I will be leaving Texas to move back north to the mountains.

This week and moving into Thanksgiving week, give gratitude to those around you. I am thankful for all my family and friends who follow and support me. I hope that you will encourage your family to get outdoors and adventure with you. Here are some fun ideas to connect and give thanks.

Gratitude Tree

Go outside and gather up some rocks and branches and put together in a recycled jar or vase. Find some colorful cardboard and cut out shapes of leaves or something fun. Write down what you are grateful for on your cutouts, find some string and place them on your makeshift tree. This also might be something cool to do and put on your Christmas tree.

Journal of Gratitude

During the demanding holiday season considering journaling to alleviate stress. Find a quiet place (if possible) and write down all the things that made you happy that day. Obviously you can write more than details of your day as well. Taking some time for yourself can be very cathartic and help you release moments of frustration or anger. I personally have a gratitude journal I post in every evening to reflect on the things I appreciated that day.


Gratitude Art

Hop on Pinterest and type in gratitude art and it brings up all sorts of ideas to produce. There are many options for adults and kids alike. These are great ideas to do if the weather does not permit to go outside. My wish is for you all to travel safely and have a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend. Feel free to post your gratitude projects on our Facebook page.

Giving my thanks to you all.

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