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Winter Solstice is my favorite day of the year for two reasons. 1. It’s my birthday! 2. Despite being the darkest day of the year, it signifies the return of light.

This year I made a huge transition in my life as I returned to Montana last week moving from San Antonio, Texas. As I make another loop around the sun, I have to reflect on where I’ve been and am going. Most people who know me, know I don’t ‘sit’ well. This means that if you put me between four walls, I tend to go stir crazy as I love to travel, recreate and explore new places. This wanderlust has brought me to locations all over the world, indulging in foreign cultures, and experiences building my personal resilience.

When I left home in 1995 for a job opportunity in Big Sky, Montana. I packed up my bags, and headed west with my mom in tow. She and I toured across the country exploring the countryside along the way. When I arrived at the base of Lone Peak, I knew I had found a new home. I spent a glorious summer roaming the mountains and part of the winter until I left for Alaska in January of 1996. Big Sky called me back in 2007 when my ex and I came back to the area for a job. I left again in 2015, and of course again the mountains here called me back.

I arrived back here last week. It feel like I was gone for a couple weeks not a couple years. Bozeman and Big Sky are home for me. I have had many intimate conversations with people along the trails here. It is only fitting that I start my new chapter here back in the big sky country. If you have never been here, the sky appears to go on for miles and hence gets its name. I have taken the last couple months to take a step back inward and the business to reflect on the direction of my life and business should head.

This time of year, nature also takes a step back by dropping leaves off trees, and bears go into hibernation. This is a great time of year to reflect on what you did or didn’t do, and what you want to accomplish next year. Start laying down your wishes now, don’t wait until the first of the year. Doing this will start the manifestation process so that the ball is already rolling at the start of 2019.

In January I am hosting my first online clinic on how to live a big adventurous life and for my fans I am offering this at a $100 dollar discount. (coupon code: hundred) This clinic will focus on how you incorporate more adventure into your life with little to no money. Don’t get me wrong, if you are planning a trip overseas, this will cost more than if you stay in the US, but can be done with planning and motivation. I am here to offer up over 20 years of adventuring experience on a cheap beer budget. Please join me in early 2019 to start your next adventure.

Coming in February we are hosting our first ever ski retreat for women. I would love for you join me alongside Kiki Huls from Upstart Advisors for a ski/leadership workshop. We will focus on your personal ski improvement and how those skills can blend into your own personal leadership skills. If you want to jumpstart your skiing and/or your personal skill sets, this is your ticket.

I would like to take this time to wish you all a very merry holiday season. I’m looking forward to connecting with you soon!

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Diana is an Adventurer, Certified Therapeutic Recreational Specialist (CTRS), worked as professional outdoor recreation educator for people with and without disabilities for the last 20 years, traveled to over 20 countries and is also certified in Wilderness First Aid. She climbed many mountain peaks, biked numerous trails and paddled all around the world. Join her on the next adventure here. 

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