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Dr. Kirleen Neely has an awesome podcast called Drop the BS. I took a workshop from her when I was living in San Antonio and we became friends after. She asked me to jump on the podcast with her this last week and I encourage you to take a listen now!

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When we are considering going out and doing an activity we have never done before, we worry about things like: Will I be able to do this? I’m not in good enough shape. Will I look foolish if I can’t do it? The stories we tell ourselves go on. Our insecurities take over and the next thing you know, you’re home on the couch, not doing anything – wishing you had.

A few takeaways from the podcast:

Emotional Safety

Know that when you sign up for one of our programs, you will be taken care of emotionally and physically to the best of our abilities. We can never guarantee safety, but do our best to make sure you feel comfortable doing whatever it is you signed up for.

Just Say Yes, When Fear Dictates No

Everyone has insecurities, so believe in yourself and your abilities when you find the “no” popping into your head about something that is keeping you from signing up. Stop and assess where this is coming from. Example: Fear: Seeing a bear in the woods vs Anxiety: The possibility of seeing a bear in the woods. Understand the difference of fear (actual)  vs anxiety (the possibility of) that takes over your brain and starts to catastrophize something that most likely won’t become a reality.

Trust Your Instincts

Trusting your gut is age old advice for a reason – it’s usually right. Over the years I have focused on listening to my gut more and it’s led me down some awesome roads. 9.99 times out of 10 my instincts have not led me astray, and when I did not follow it, usually wish that I had. Be aware of your feelings, start to navigate the life you want and follow your own path. If you get lost, it’s ok, take a minute to reassess or ask for help.

Try Something New

Every time you push yourself in trying something new such as an activity or going to the gym you are building your resilience. When you start to say yes to new things, the fear/anxiety levels drop each time and it slowly gets easier to jump into new situations and go with the flow.

Be OK with your mistakes, don’t be afraid to make them and learn from them. Stop pretending to please others and immerse yourself in whatever gives you joy. Don’t wait for someone to join you, do it now, follow your own path.

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Diana is an Adventurer, Certified Therapeutic Recreational Specialist (CTRS), worked as professional outdoor recreation educator for people with and without disabilities for the last 20 years, traveled to over 20 countries and is also certified in Wilderness First Aid. She traveled the world solo before it was cool to do so, lived in the Alaskan bush, climbed many mountain peaks, biked numerous trails and paddled many lakes and rivers. 

Ladies, if you thought you couldn’t do it, think again. If you hang out with us for too long you’ll start believing in yourself and leave knowing you can accomplish anything. 

Your adventure Rx provides recreational and leisure experiences that are holistic compliments to traditional mental health therapy options.