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This year, I faced some hard challenges. The events I experienced left me feeling stressed, scared and depleted. My life filled with endless energy had come to an abrupt end, and I tried to envision a new life that was very different from what I was used to.

Adventure, travel, rest, and good friends saved me. Saved me from feeling sorry for myself, they were caring and understanding of what I was struggling with.

I truly believe that Nature hands us what we need, and when we least expect it, and sometimes, harsher than we expect. Nature can be mean and cruel and leave you in the direst situations. It is chaotic and unpredictable, just like life. But… when the sun or moon comes out, it shines on us all equally. It’s how we choose to respond that matters.

Nature’s healing is at the very core of my work. I am a steward of the land, seeking to awaken a lifelong love of the outdoors for all. WE ALL need to take a stand when we see it at risk. It truly is the lifeblood of our being and literally the lungs of our life. If we disrespect it, it will smack us down, and kill us with a slow death if we continue to disrespect it.

Everyone has the right to a life enriched by the outdoors – the world’s largest playground!

I am committed to teaching people to value and appreciate the outdoors as I do in nature through recreation and forest therapy. These programs will be coming to you in 2020, in a very special place that has been preserved for years and hardly touched by people. It is truly a quiet sacred sanctuary in our ever so overbearingly chaotic media driven world.

As we depart 2019, I give thanks to my faithful followers, and to all the experiences that have led me to the place I am today. I think this year’s hardships taught me more about patience and self love than anyone or anything in the past.

Here are a few suggestions for moving positively into 2020.

  • Accept what you cannot change; weather, people and the past. Surrender its grasp on you.
  • Each challenge is an opportunity to grow and become a better person.
  • Take risks that challenge you, say yes and be open to opportunities and new perspectives.
  • Honor and love yourself, because in the end it’s all you have. You only get one go, be mindful of your short-term choices that impact your life negatively in the long-term and turn away from them..
  • Live today and be present without worry for tomorrow.
  • Have faith that the universe (or whatever you believe in) has your back and will bring you what you need when you need it most.
  • Give thanks and gratitude to what you already have in your life.
  • Follow your path with Mother Nature; look to the blue sky and breath.

I hope you will continue on this journey beside me in 2020 for there will be so many exciting opportunities to play, romp and heal in nature. Stay tuned for 2020 programming details.

Much love and peace to you and yours in 2020!


About Diana – Owner of Your Adventure Rx

Diana is an Adventurer, Certified Therapeutic Recreational Specialist (CTRS), worked as professional outdoor recreation educator for people with and without disabilities for the last 20 years, traveled to over 20 countries and is also certified in Wilderness First Aid. She climbed many mountain peaks, biked numerous trails and paddled all around the world. Ladies, if you thought you couldn’t do it, think again. If you hang out with us for too long you’ll start believing in yourself and leave knowing you can accomplish anything.