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Hello friend, I’m Diana.


Recreation Therapist  ~ Adventurer ~ Educator ~ Lover of all things nature.



One thing is for sure, I’m a gypsy at heart, addicted to adventure and suffer from a severe case of wanderlust.

Diana Proemm, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS).

I started my adventures as a young girl traveling the mid-West with my first generation German parents. My parents’ journey from Germany and continued sense of adventure sparked my love for adventure that has carried me throughout my life.

Now my biggest adventure is to inspire other women to reach their potential by exploring their world, building personal resilience and adventuring into areas of the unknown and bringing those empowering experiences back to their everyday lives.

I started my outdoor adventures with skiing at an early age. Skiing, mountain biking, hiking and trekking as well as white water paddling have carried me to places I would never have imagined. I took my love of the mountains and explored Big Sky, Montana and Alaska spending time camping, exploring and biking. Traveling to third world countries and beyond for months alone as a woman in the 90’s was not the norm, but allowed me to expand my love for adventure and grow as a confident individual building resilience along the way. Learning how to navigate my way safely during my solo travels slowly blended into my personal life.

Still with the goal to assist other women in their quest for independence and confident lives, I returned to school to earn her degree in Recreational Therapy. Job experiences that included leading backcountry adventure programs, teaching and directing adaptive summer and winter outdoor adventure programs in rock climbing, skiing, ice skating and biking built her leadership and training skills.

Leading others, especially women through challenging situations, allowing them to grow makes me thrive.

Your Adventure Rx is the culmination of these experiences. I geek out in creating adventure experiences that provide a physically and mentally safe but inspiring environment. Strengthening body and mind together allows women to reach greater heights in their personal and business lives.

Join me and my experienced staff on an adventure of a lifetime and become the most confident and viable person you truly are.

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#1: We belong together   

#2: Let's play in nature together   

#3: Would You Follow Me To The Moon?   

#4: Will You Be My Next Bestie?   

Passion Play

Your Adventure Rx creates unforgettable outdoor experiences for women. We lead YOU to your most authentic, extraordinary self by prescribing adventures in outdoor sports rather than utilizing medication.

We do this holistically with experiences that are intended to extend your limits and have the power to change how you think, act and live.

We give you the confidence and tools to power through any situation that comes your way.