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Your Adventure Rx creates unforgettable outdoor experiences for women leading them to their most authentic extraordinary selves.  We prescribe and provide adventure travel opportunities for women locally, nationally and internationally. These extraordinary outdoor experiences will extend your limits as they travel together on unforgettable adventures. This travel has the power to change how you think, act and live, instilling a sense of freedom and confidence by treating every single day as an adventure.

Your Adventure Rx prescribes adventures in outdoor sports such as mountain biking, paddle boarding, hiking, skiing, surfing, rock climbing and more. Hands-on professional instruction is provided for all aspects of these adventures.

Why Your Adventure Rx
It’s hard to be a woman today, especially a successful professional woman. We’ve made progress – tremendous progress if you ask our grandmothers – but we still have to work harder, be error-free, and put up with more criticism than the men we work with. We are told every day how to look, how to act, how to behave, what’s attractive and what’s too far. Is it any wonder so many of us keep silent screams bottled up inside? We deserve an outlet, a safe space to let all the control go. We need time to be our best selves…powerful…wild…free. We need time to celebrate our successes, lay down the stress, and renew ourselves. And what better place to do it than surrounded by women who feel exactly the same way, in some of the most beautiful places on earth?

Meet Diana Proemm

Your Lead Adventuress

Diana Proemm, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS), started her adventures as a young girl traveling the mid-West with her first generation German parents. Her parents’ journey from Germany and continued sense of adventure sparked Diana’s love for adventure that has carried her throughout her life. Now Diana’s biggest adventure is to inspire other women to reach their potential by exploring their world, adventuring into areas of the unknown and bringing those empowering experiences back to their everyday lives.

Diana started her outdoor adventures with skiing at an early age. Skiing, mountain biking, hiking and trekking as well as white water paddling have carried her to places she would never have imagined. After graduating with a photography degree from all over the world. She took her love of the mountains and explored Big Sky, Montana and Alaska spending time camping, exploring and biking. Traveling solo as a woman in the 90’s was not the norm, but allowed Diana to expand her love for adventure and grow as a confident individual. Extended multi-month travel to Germany, Nepal, New Zealand and Central and South America expanded her horizons even further.

Still with the goal to assist other women in their quest for independence and confident lives, she returned to school to earn her degree in Recreational Therapy. Job experiences that included leading backcountry adventure programs, teaching and directing adaptive summer and winter outdoor adventure programs in rock climbing, skiing, ice skating and biking built her leadership and training skills. Leading others, especially women through challenging situations, allowing them to grow made Diana thrive.

Adventure Rx is the culmination of these experiences. Diana is knowledgeable in creating adventure experiences that provide a physically and mentally safe but inspiring environment. Strengthening body and mind together allows women to reach greater heights in their personal and business lives. Join Diana and her experienced staff on an adventure of a lifetime and become the most confident and viable person you truly are.

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Meet Robin Conners

Program Director

Adventure can be a lifelong passion or can start whenever you decide to look at the world around you and seek new and fun experiences. Robin didn’t think of herself as a real adventurer as a very young girl but her Dad’s passion to get the family out skiing probably started it all. Out in the cold and gliding down the ski runs instilled a love for nature and desire to spend as much time as possible outside. Yes, New England is cold in winter but building snowmen, tobogganing and eating as much snow as possible in the makeshift snow kitchen made it the best fun ever. Summer camp promoted hiking, camping and swimming. Although growing up where women s were not encouraged to participate in sports, whenever Robin was told things like “girl’s can’t ski” it was all the impetus she needed to persevere. It just seemed natural to be out exploring, finding snakes in the rocks and picking blueberries by the bucket loads. Adventure was in her blood.

After earning a degree, traveling to the west seemed like the right plan. Skiing in the Eastern High Sierra Mountains allowed completion of the top level of ski instructor certification which led to becoming a trainer and examiner for the Professional Ski Instructors’ Association. A love for teaching and helping others enjoy sports and the outdoors was a true motivator. Moving into cross country and Telemark skiing with backcountry travels in Yosemite National Park and summiting and skiing other mountains in the Sierra like Mt. Morrison and Mt. Wood expanded her horizons.

Living at 8000’ with access to the high mountains and high deserts offered amazing opportunities. Active sports had become a focus. Buying one of the first mountain bikes and setting off on adventures made for summertime fun. Two kids never stopped her outdoor adventures. Many days were spent hang gliding in the Owens Valley with lots of cross country flights including a 100 mile flight to top them all. Backpacking and climbing mountains in California and Colorado with rock climbing, dirt bike riding, horseback riding, canoeing and kayaking thrown in were just fun summer past times when not working. Robin’s newest adventures have drawn her to the ocean for surfing.

A passion to help others enjoy their time spent outdoors expanded into adaptive sports. That led to assisting Mammoth Mountain to expand their winter adaptive sports program and eventually a summer program for those with disabilities. Always pushing personal limits and overcoming challenges has kept Robin active and enjoying every moment possible in nature. Joining Diana and is an amazing way for her to encourage other women to explore and to motivate them to find their potential through outdoor experiences.

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